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            A. The mixing and feeding of pervious concrete must be in strict accordance with the mix proportion
            All right, no wrong investment or wrong investment. The first feeding must be weighed, and then marks can be made in the feeding mechanical container, according to the standard reference feeding.
            B. Feeding sequence
            In order to keep the cement and additives in the middle of the stones, it is more appropriate to put 1 / 2 stones first, then cement and additives, and then another 1 / 2 stones in the hopper of the mixer.
            C. Mixing method
            First, 20% of the water consumption is discharged into the empty machine, the empty machine is stirred, and then the hopper is lifted to feed. Add water several times in the mixing until the water cement ratio is measured. It is required to mix evenly and meet the construction requirements. The concrete mixed with proper water consumption can be made into a ball by hand. After the hand is released, the surface of watch adsorbs less paste.
            D. Mixing time
            From feeding to discharging, generally, the 350 type mixer takes 4 minutes. 5 minutes for Model 500 forced mixer.
            E. Finished material transportation
            The mixed finished materials shall be transported to the construction site in time after being discharged from the machine, and it is appropriate to transport them to the construction site within 10 minutes. If the temperature is higher than 300C. Concrete must be covered to keep moisture and prevent moisture evaporation, which will affect the construction quality. According to the construction regulations of pervious concrete, the transportation time from the machine to the working face should not exceed 30 minutes.
            F. Pervious concrete paving construction
            In the construction of pervious concrete paving, priority should be given to determining the position of expansion joint in the construction of structural layer, specifying the size, marking, retaining according to the requirements, and tamping with low-frequency flat plate after loose paving. The surface after tamping should meet the design elevation, so as to ensure the construction thickness of surface layer, which is required to be flat and dense. The retained expansion joints shall be made of flexible materials with good resilience, such as polyurethane or chloroprene rubber.
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