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            1. The automatic mixer should stop on the flat ground and put the bucket flat on the ground. When the engine flameout, it is necessary to repeatedly pull the operating handle of the working device to ensure that each hydraulic cylinder is in a state of no pressure rest. When the loader can only stop on the ramp, the tires should be firmly padded.
            2. Put all kinds of handles in neutral or middle position.
            3. Take away the key of the electric lock first, then turn off the main power switch and close the doors and windows.
            4. It is not allowed to park in the area with open fire or high temperature, so as to prevent the tire from explosion due to heating and causing accidents.
            5. When the combined valve or air tank is used to inflate the tire, people shall not stand on the front of the tire to prevent explosion injury.
            The automatic mixer is mainly used in the construction field. It is easy to operate and has a large mixing barrel. The advantages of the automatic mixer are as follows:
            1. The stirring blade is fan-shaped and has large contact area with the medium;
            2. The nozzles are arranged in multiple rows, and the water quantity is uniform and adjustable;
            3. The mixing drum of the automatic feeding mixer has compact structure and good sealing performance, and the ash baffle is set at the feed inlet to prevent water mist from flowing back;
            4. Low residual ash rate, and the setting of Watershed at the bottom of the box ensures that there is no dead corner in the equipment.
            5. The performance of mine mixing drum equipment is advanced, the quality of finished products is stable, the mixing is uniform, and the discharging is fast.
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