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            The structural composition of self feeding mixer truck is divided according to the mechanism of its own system, which basically includes several main systems such as mixing drum and its accessories, driving device of mixing drum, power equipment and carrier chassis. Now let's talk about the five important contents of the operating instructions.
            1. When the vehicle is unloading, if there is evaporation of water, and the slump is too low to meet the customer's requirements, an appropriate amount of water can be added to the cylinder, and then the concrete can be unloaded at a rotating speed of 10-14r/min after 30 rpm, so that the concrete can be fully mixed.
            2. During the transportation of concrete, the tank body must not be stopped, because the tank body will cause the concrete to coagulate, and restarting after the stop will also cause a certain impact on the reducer and hydraulic system, which will damage the motor and hydraulic pump.
            3. The water tank in the car needs to be filled frequently to avoid unexpected needs. Before the water tank is filled with water, the vent valve should be opened to drain the air in the tank. The inspiration should be opened when flushing. When flushing is finished or when it is stopped, the gas in the water switch needs to be released. Especially when parking in winter, there should be no water left in the water supply system and water tank.
            4. When the self loading mixer is driving on the road, its lengthened chute should be placed on the support of the discharge chute and firmly hung with a hook, instead of being hung on the main discharge chute for operation. The main discharge chute needs to be rotated to a fixed position. Pull down the handle to position it and lock the locking handle to disable the luffing mechanism, so as to avoid accidents caused by its unstable swing and affecting the normal driving of other vehicles.
            5. If it is necessary to reverse the full load concrete when it is in forward rotation, you need to control the handle to make the forward rotation stable, and then you need to control the handle to make it reverse. When the forward rotation is no longer possible, the control handle shall be reversed.
            In addition, when the vehicle is driving with no load, the mixing drum cannot stop, so as to avoid abnormal damage caused by collision between the tugboat and the raceway during bumping
            The above is a detailed introduction to the automatic feeding mixer, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude http://www.eyejls.com/
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