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              The full-automatic feeding mixer often works outdoors, so it is difficult to avoid paint damage. How to fix it?
              1. Paint oxidation: in the sun, the paint film evaporates oil to protect itself. If the time is too long, the paint will lose too much oil. The brightness and depth of the paint will be greatly reduced, making the surface gradually white, forming an oxide layer, and shortening the service life of the paint. In fact, with the naked eye, we can see the phenomenon of black, white and lusterless paint. Severe oxidation can be treated by grinding and polishing.
              2. Light scratch: it is caused by improper friction and daily care. There is a slight scratch, but there is no primer. This scratch is more obvious in the sun or in the sun. It is generally removed by professional polishing methods.
              3. Discoloration: smoke and pollutants in the air are the cause of discoloration. When the color changes, the paint will show uneven color difference. When the light is dim, it can be grinded and polished. If it is serious, it must be repainted.
              4. Traffic film: in the process of driving, a strong electrostatic layer is generated due to friction. The electrostatic adsorption of dust, oil and chemical powder is very strong, which will form a traffic film for a long time. This kind of film is easy to cause the oxidation corrosion of the paint surface, if this situation can be treated by polishing.
              Crack: it is caused by not paying attention to the paint surface at ordinary times. It will penetrate into the paint until it penetrates the entire layer. It may also be due to the quality of the repainting. If there is wax in the crack, the phenomenon of spot crack will be found on the body. In order to prevent cracking, we can wax to reduce the occurrence of cracking.
              The paint surface of the full-automatic feeding mixer is to protect the vehicle from corrosion. We should pay attention to the protection of the paint surface in normal use. If there is a large area of damage on the paint surface that needs to be solved, then the service life can be extended.
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