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              You are very familiar with the automatic concrete mixer. Today, I want to explain to you the problems that need to be paid attention to when unloading the full-automatic loading mixer. I hope you pay attention to them when working.
              1. When entering the site, try to walk in the middle: the road on site is simple and the subgrade is soft. Now there are more than 20 mixers. When approaching the road, the road surface is easy to be crushed and collapsed, resulting in vehicle overturning.
              2. Get off the vehicle for inspection in advance: most of the hybrid trucks are at night, on the website, it's better to use flashlight, get off the vehicle inspection line, there are obstacles, pits or softer places, and it must be remembered to meet the requirements of steel nail cleaning time.
              3. When the concrete tank truck has to reverse slowly, it doesn't always put your head out of the window and look at both sides of the rear-view mirror. If you are not sure, stop and see clearly before reversing, many roads are soft with excavators, and the car is easy to sink. At first, drive slowly and evenly, and turn the route as straight as possible. If you want to get off the car repeatedly, the steering wheel will not kill or play. It is easy to delay on the soft road, throttle valve, speed is too fast, and hit things.
              The problems that should be paid attention to when unloading the full-automatic feeding mixer:
              1. 在卸料前,讓攪拌槽全速運轉一至兩分鐘,使混凝土充分混合。如有必要,可加水,使混凝土拌合更加均勻,便于排出。
              1. Before discharging, allow the mixing tank to run at full speed for one to two minutes to fully mix the concrete. If necessary, water can be added to make the concrete mix more even and easy to discharge.
              2. 卸料時,盡量將車停在地面上,并在卸料前將卸料料斗溜槽弄濕,以便清洗。
              2. When unloading, park the vehicle on the ground as much as possible, and wet the chute of discharge hopper before unloading, so as to facilitate cleaning.
              3. It is better to pay attention to yourself when feeding, and do not operate the feeding rod at will. It is better to stop the oil tank every time it rotates around the middle seat to protect the reducer and supporting wheel.
              4. When cleaning the pot, you must wash it carefully, turn the water forward and backward twice, then put it out, pour all the water in the water tank into the pot for the last time, and then return to the station to add water to clean the pot thoroughly.
              The above points must be paid attention to when the full-automatic feeding mixer is discharging. If it is not done well, it may cause the phenomenon of tank sealing. I hope you pay attention.
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