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            The exhaust of the fully automatic mixer may emit blue smoke and the exhaust pipe may hang down.
            When the oil is heavily inserted into the combustion chamber and evaporates, the exhaust gas turns into blue smoke. Blue smoke is actually condensation of oil vapor. Diesel engines may emit blue smoke during cold start or low load, but will disappear when the car is warm or when the load increases. This is because if the combustion is not complete, oil vapor will be burned and black smoke will be emitted.
            The result of soot blue smoke is a rapid increase in fuel consumption, resulting in large amounts of carbon deposits and other combustion products, which reduces the performance of fuel injectors and piston rings, as well as the performance of wear rings such as pistons and cylinder liners. Speed up. It should be avoided as much as possible.
            1. The chamfered piston ring or twisted ring is displaced and the oil pump (concrete mixer) enters the combustion chamber.
            2. The diesel engine runs at low load for a long time (the load is less than 30-50%), and the cylinder pressure is low.
            3. Insufficient intrusion operation. Tests show that new or overhauled diesel engines usually need to run for 30-40 hours to reach good technical conditions. Direct normal load operation without running in is the most common reason for blue smoke.
            4. The clearance matching with the smoothness, Ovality and taper of the inner surface of the piston ring and cylinder liner does not meet the requirements, or because the connecting rod is bent, the piston is eccentric, the main shaft hole is not vertical to the cylinder liner, and blue smoke is blown.
            5. There are too many oil pans, too high oil pressure, too low viscosity, worn piston rings, loss of elasticity, or the gap between piston and cylinder liner is too large, and there is too much oil in the oil pan of air filter of oil pan type.
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