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            First of all, the body of the automatic feeding mixer is small and equipped with a 360 ° panoramic HD camera. The driver can see the situation of the body and the surrounding of the car comprehensively, and clear the blind area of vision. The driver has a high safety factor, and the people and objects around the body can also be guaranteed.
            Secondly, the old mixer truck is full of experience. In the design of the automatic feeding mixer truck cab, it is designed according to the ergonomics principle. The four sides of the cab are plane design, and the places where the driver's vision sweeps are all made of clear glass, so the safety is higher.
            In addition, the whole body structure of the automatic concrete feeding mixer is balanced by engineers according to the principle of metrology. At the same time, the support of hydraulic balance bar is added, which can effectively prevent rollover and other accidents.
            This can play a very good role in the mountain road construction, climbing and turning projects and operations, and help drivers to operate and drive safely.
            Generally speaking, the safety of the concrete automatic feeding mixer is very good, whether it is the feeding steps or the construction and transportation steps, whether it is for the driver or the people and objects around the body
            1-7立方任由客戶選擇!雙向駕駛操作簡便靈活,高度智能數字顯示觸摸屏,車架靈活轉彎半徑小 。
            1-7 cubes for customers to choose! Two way driving operation is simple and flexible, high intelligent digital display touch screen, flexible frame, small turning radius.
            (1) Automatic feeding, automatic water feeding;
            (2) Suitable for different terrain, independent of power equipment;
            (3) The average discharge speed of one can is 5 minutes;
            (4) The model size can be customized according to the output;
            (5) Including education and association, lifelong guarantee;
            (6) Self use, distribution and agency.
            One machine is equivalent to loader, mixer and conveyor. Two workers can complete the whole process of concrete loading, mixing, transportation and unloading. The output per hour is as high as 20 cubic meters. It is suitable for small projects in various areas!
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