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            1. 油漆表面的氧化:在強烈的紫外線照射下,小型攪拌車的汽車膜將不斷蒸發油以保護自身。隨著時間的流逝,它將導致油漆表面油的過多損失,在空氣中形成氧化層,影響油漆表面的亮度和光澤度。此時,在汽車漆中可以清楚地觀察到變黑,變白,缺乏光澤等現象。如果情況更嚴重,可以通過打磨和拋光處理。
            1. Oxidation of paint surface: under the strong ultraviolet radiation, the automobile film of small mixer will continuously evaporate oil to protect itself. With the passage of time, it will cause excessive loss of oil on the paint surface, form oxide layer in the air, and affect the brightness and gloss of the paint surface. At this time, the phenomenon of blackening, whitening and lack of luster can be clearly observed in the car paint. If the situation is more serious, it can be treated by grinding and polishing.
            2. 交通膜:小型攪拌車在工作過程中容易因摩擦而產生靜電,會吸收大量的灰塵和油污。長時間在表面上會形成牢固的“交通膜”,從而導致油漆表面被氧化和腐蝕。對車輛進行研磨和拋光可以有效地解決這種情況。
            2. Traffic film: small mixer is easy to generate static electricity due to friction in the working process, which will absorb a lot of dust and oil. A strong "traffic film" will form on the surface for a long time, resulting in oxidation and corrosion of the paint surface. Grinding and polishing the vehicle can effectively solve this problem.
            3. 裂縫:一些車主經常忽略油漆的表面護理。小型攪拌車的工作環境非常特殊。金屬漆可能會產生一些細微的裂紋,這些裂紋會不斷向下滲透,在嚴重的情況下,它將滲透到整個彩色漆層。重質噴漆的質量差也可能導致此問題。如果車主發現車身破裂,建議經常上蠟并妥善保管。
            3. Cracks: some car owners often neglect the surface care of paint. Very small mixer working environment. Metallic paint may produce some fine cracks, these cracks will continue to penetrate downward, in serious cases, it will penetrate into the whole color paint. Poor quality of heavy spray paint may also cause this problem. If the car owner finds that the car body is cracked, it is recommended to wax it frequently and keep it properly.
            4. 褪色:空氣污染是導致汽車油漆褪色的主要原因。褪色和氧化的區別在于,汽車涂料的褪色會導致車身顏色不均勻。如果程度相對較輕,則可以進行簡單的研磨和拋光。如果顏色嚴重褪色,則必須重新涂漆。
            4. Discoloration: air pollution is the main cause of discoloration of automobile paint. The difference between discoloration and oxidation is that discoloration of automotive coatings can lead to uneven body color. If the degree is relatively light, simple grinding and polishing can be carried out. If the color is seriously faded, it must be repainted.
            5. 身體上的痕跡:因鳥糞,焦油等引起的輕微腐蝕痕跡可以打磨;由氧化和長期使用化學試劑形成的水印可以通過打蠟和拋光處理。在嚴重的情況下,需要重新粉刷;摩擦引起的細微劃痕標記通常通過的拋光方法去除。
            5. Marks on the body: slight corrosion marks caused by bird droppings and tar can be polished; watermarks formed by oxidation and long-term use of chemical reagents can be waxed and polished. In the case of severe scratches, the mark needs to be removed by professional polishing.
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