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            1、 Determination of mixer grade
            The investor shall fully understand the product quality level, service capability and price information of domestic and foreign construction manufacturers in the same industry, market research, on-site investigation, manufacturer processing and quality assurance capability. Manufacturers of complete sets of equipment and products with high quality and low price can be selected by holding defense meeting, bidding meeting, etc. Determine the scale and grade of commercial concrete mixer according to the capital ownership.
            2、 Selection of mixer site
            When selecting the mixing site, it shall be ensured that the site is close to the quarry and sand factory to ensure sufficient moisture and away from the residential area. If we can make full use of the hillside terrain and set the material yard on the hillside and high ground, we can reduce the batching height of the batching machine, make the loader feed and climbing angle small or do not need to climb, so as to save energy and reduce wear. The installation of equipment base shall avoid aboveground and underground optical cables, power supply or communication cables.
            3、 For the selection of aggregate supply mode, it is recommended to use loader for feeding.
            If the mixer is used for expressway construction (short construction period and frequent relocation problems), the mixer with fast loading and modular structure shall be selected.
            4、 Conveyor belt selection
            If the site is wide, priority should be given to the development and selection of low inclination angle 18 °, flat belt conveyor transportation lifestyle (in order to reduce the procurement management cost of enterprise equipment companies, the effective lifting hopper can also be selected). If the site area is not continuously limited to a certain extent, the edge retaining belt machine with large inclination angle (generally 40 ° ~ 50 °) can be fully considered (some additional belt structures can reach 90 ° at the same time). However, in the wet environment of sand and gravel, the large angle edge retaining belt machine has the disadvantage of sticking sand. When the belt returns, the sand falling under the belt is analyzed and compared
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