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            The exhaust pipe of the self feeding cement mixer truck will discharge the hot gas in the oil tank and condense into water in the bottle. At ordinary times, the washing water and rainwater will also flow into the bottle along the air pipe. When the oil tank is cooled, the water will be sucked back into the oil tank through the exhaust pipe. Hydraulic oil with water will soon deteriorate into milky white, which is usually called oil emulsion.
            How to add water to the exhaust pipe of the hydraulic oil tank of the self loading cement mixer?
            The lubricating performance and compression performance of emulsified hydraulic oil will be seriously reduced, causing a series of problems. At least, the pump Mada is unable to work internally, and the rubber rings and oil seals are worn and leaked. The oil seal at the pump shaft end leaks oil, the rubber ring of the control valve is worn and leaks oil, and the hydraulic pump and motor plunger slippers and oil distribution plate will be worn or even scrapped.
            A better solution to the serious wear inside the pump of the cement mixer truck is to extend the exhaust pipe vertically under the truck, so that the discharged oil will naturally drip to the ground. Do not tie or wind the exhaust pipe. Friends who are still hanging water bottles, get rid of them quickly!!
            Fortunately, the radiators of the self loading cement mixer truck have been improved. An oil recovery box has been installed at the side of the oil tank, which can effectively solve the problem of pollution. The box has limited capacity. Everyone should remember to check and wipe it frequently and drain the accumulated oil in time, especially in the days after the new car is used and replaced.
            The above is the fully automatic self feeding mixer introduced to you http://www.jufengjiaobanji.com/ I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service
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