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            Classification by operation mode
            ⑴ According to the operation mode, there are two types: circular operation type and continuous operation type.
            The three processes of feeding, mixing and unloading of circulating operation are carried out at a certain time interval, that is, batch mixing.
            The mixing quality is good because all materials are accurately weighed. This type of operation is mostly adopted.
            The above three processes of continuous operation are carried out continuously in a long cylinder. Although its productivity is higher than that of circular operation, the mixing quality is poor because the mix proportion and mixing time of each material are difficult to control. Less used.
            Classified by mixing method
            ⑵ According to the mixing method, there are two types of mixing: self dropping mixing and forced mixing.
            The self dropping mixer is to place the mixture in a rotating mixing drum. With the rotation of the mixing drum, the blades in the drum lift the mixture to a certain height, and then it can be freely scattered by its own weight. In this way, it will be carried out repeatedly. How much will it cost from the charging mixer truck until it is well mixed. This mixer generally mixes plastic and semi plastic concrete.
            Compulsory mixer is the mixing drum is not moving, but is forced to mix by uniformly placed blades on the rotating shaft inside the drum. The mixer has good mixing quality and high production efficiency; However, the power consumption is high and the blades wear quickly. It is generally applicable to mixing dry and hard concrete.
            Classification according to device mode
            ⑶ There are two types of devices: fixed type and mobile type.
            The fixed mixer is installed on the prepared foundation, and the whole machine cannot be moved. It has large volume and high production efficiency. It is mainly used in mixing plants or mixing plants.
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